Fatal loneliness

I’m reading in papers loneliness is not
good for you, because it can make you
sad and depressed.

But loners are really not more sad or
depressed than others, but we surely
often feel we live a wretched life.

Actually it’s mainly people who makes
me sad and the conditions in our world
that makes me depressed.

People affects you, for better and worse,
but without them you slowly die too soon.

If you live alone for a long time you stop
eat well, you don’t exercise or you overdo
it. Your home becomes like a storeroom –
with an atmosphere of a clinical clean
desert or a dump.

Or you keep your isolation as a shameful
secret behind a neat and clean surface?

The human animal need to have someone
coming around asking “how are you” –
and mean it!

But we loners have long time ago stopped
reaching out for others – as all we got when
we tried was an indifferent and empty sky –
at best! But sooner or later – it is this
solitude that will kill us.

Loneliness impoverish your soul and in
the end your body breaks down. We need
the presence of touchable living bodies in
our rooms, others breathing and pulse
closely our own body. Hell is not others,
hell is absence of others.

endsm 2

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