Mercy on us all!







They are such a lost generation, those kids
now in their 20s. Wherever part of world
and conditions they are set to deal with –
they are the same, want it all for nothing –
and they seems to be offered everything,
but in reality they don’t get much, except
for their IPhones and other electronic junk,
only giving them chronic stooped posture
and no ability to construct a simple and
intelligible sentence.

Yet they believe in themselves, even if
they cannot believe in their societies,
keeping them juvenile and needy up to
their 30s. And I wonder how many of
them will get real, steady jobs and raise
a family and grow old as all before them?

But whenever I see them on town they all
seems to be calm and free, with straight
backs, and always in company with friends,
looking safe, slim and happy… And I really
hope their self-confidence is grounded.

And who am I to reflect over them – I
never achieved my youth dreams or my
society’s expectations, in spite world
back then was a promise so bright.

I seemed lost in a sole desert of failures
and confusions, yet I aged and survived
and became old. I have my anonymous
little spot in this world we call reality.

And I try now to “cultivate my garden” –
in my mind of course, only having a
balcony and no means for planting soil.
But I eat fruits every day, living my
Indian summer, hoping to live long –
vital “forever”, denying death.

We all do the best we can and blame
ourselves unfairly for not doing better.
So mercy on us all!









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