It will be alright

I woke up one morning in May
in pretty good shape, but when
I came into my living room Cesar
Vallejo sat there on a park bench
and looked at his left shoe toe.
“No one has asked for me today”,
he said gloomy. “But honey!!” –
I objected.

“Whatever…” he said sullenly.

It’s seldom any asks for me either,
yet sometimes too much is asked
off me, and I feel like an untrained
adviser in an one-man operation.
But me – flesh and blood, lonely
heart. No…!

I see how world in pains passes
through a major change, I see
blinded people suffer asking for
too much. All becomes a strive
for selfishness, love is a market
for taking an advantage of other,
romance turns to a spectacle.

I want a hideaway. Chase away
Cesar, tells him now dead he is
certainly asked for, chase away
my young friend talking death,
as lacking money, tell him it’s
too expensive to bury him, he’s
better off alive! Give me some
peace, please! And…

Let’s not talk about love
let’s talk about the weather
you have the sun and I have
the rain and there is always
a football match to watch
it will be alright

Cesar Vallejo Niza 1929

Cesar Vallejo Niza 1929









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