It seems like you never knew me

Brick Wall
It seems like you never knew me
and as if you never understood me
either. And you were worried about
me and you wanted to change me,
for my own good.

And you hit a brick wall with me.

You see, I have with time and age
become very conscious and reflective
and questioned in my mind in regard
to my world and myself. You shouldn’t
have tried me on that level. But you
hated that, did you not?

You can only reach me on an emotional
level and so you did – and there is where
you should be.

You don’t know my history either. My
family always moved around when I
was a kid, I became used to lose pets
and friends and with never feeling
secure and stable at any place.

I’m not saying it’s easy for me to lose
someone I love, but I’m telling you it’s
normal in my world. And I’m so fed up
with you who always messes with me!

When it comes to debates with words
and to defend my integrity, I’m simply
a warrior, I fight to kill. I’m not happy
with what you have done, causing me
drama and resentment when I needed
peace and serenity.

I bought a dress to travel and meet you.
And I bought lady shoes too, to match
my dress. If you only kindly and lovingly
had considered your options with me!





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