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There is a saying – “when one door closes,
another opens”. You just have to open your
eyes to see this newly opened door and don’t
get stuck in your past.

I guess this saying is some kind of modern
optimistic light-product-philosophy to cheer
you up to get out of a gloomy tunnel vision?

In fact, when a door closes sometimes no
door at all will opens for you, but all to see
is walls and obstacles.

It’s not obvious, but times now are hard for
people. And that’s what you have to see and
what you have to relate to and live through.

When a new door opens, drafts arises from
doors in the past believed to be closed, but
apparently they were not wholly.

If not doors – at least there always seems to
be a window somewhere slamming from a
gust of wind, waking you in middle of night.

This drafts gives you a spoonful of anxiety
and causes you some worry, now when you
want to pass a new door, whatever will be.


And how I wished you had been the one
you said you were! And how I wished you
had been the one I wanted you to be! And
how I wished for a “happy ending”! And
how I wish that “the last words have not
yet been said between us two”! And how I
wish you finally, finally will step out of
the frog costume and become the prince
you should be!

Yes, it’s true, I slams the door “goodbye”.
Because there are limits how far I can let
someone in name of “love” mistreat me
as you insists on doing. I want to leave,
but I can’t see any new door opens to me,
so the saying is a lie! It’s a lie, you hear!
I don’t want to struggle and hope more!

I guess I have to look up that slamming
window to get me some light and sight.
I guess I can be where I am and simply
cultivate my garden! Yes, I guess I can –
but how I wish you to become real and
come to me and fill my rooms with your
presence! Oh, how I wish you had been!
Why don’t you miss me like I miss you?

John Bauer, prins i månland

John Bauer, prins i månland

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