A nymph under influence

In old times supernatural beings were a vivid part of humans’ beliefs. But a human had to be very cautious in contact with any of this creatures, since those often alluring beings had the power to twist a human’s head around; simply they could make you lose your health. But what if the opposite would occur? If a man could have the power to put a nymph under influence, i.e. giving her  human love feelings and giving her a desire for him and for a human “normal” life? What if?



I’m not made to be with anyone and
I’m not made to be anyone special,
I’m made to be one you’ve heard of
or read, a voice without body living
in your mind’s eye. I’m a fantasy or
a nature spirit or something similar.

Don’t fool yourself you’re in love with
me, since I don’t think I can bear to
live a normal life of man. You could
let me go free and find yourself a real
woman of flesh and blood and raise a
family and forget about me, except for
those words I gave you, they’re yours.
How you scared me, you should know.

Even if I love you, if anyone like me
can love any and even if I miss you so
much my sad days, I ask you to leave
me and my darkness for joyful daylight
that’s truly yours. And same time it’s
what I fear most, to see you leave me!

My fleeing nymph soul is divided and
confused, because your love planted
a woman’s loving heart in my ethereal
body. Now this human heart cry for you.




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