And reality slaps my face





Sickness possesses me.
Pains in my biceps
disables my arms,
my legs and feet hurts –
It’s all over me and hell
is around the corner.
My mind into darkness.
I’m of no use for any,
a disused goldmine and
treasures transformed
to snot rags. Love cries
in vain. And I wake up
from a nap dizzy and
disoriented – and instant
“Reality” slaps my face
real hard; a loved face
on my mind and I groan
“Oh no, no, no”!
I know I should go and
leave him behind.
“You and me”,
it’s simply a tragedy.
Soon after I reflects –
“so what about ‘reality’?
Why not simply choose
what’s real?” It’s surely
a tempting idea to find
love “in real life”! Yes!
I would like that!
But life is not a buffet
with your favourite
dishes. You get what
you get! For now –
pains is what I have
and that’s it…





*The sickness I write about is a chronic disease called fibromyalgia

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