Without you, Abdou

Without you, Abdou,
days will come and go,
good or bad – I’ll be fine.

I can’t imagine anyone else

but you, Abdou, yet
it’s easy for me to love and
someone will come my way.

Yet you, Abdou, find it hard
to love me, not submissive but
standing up for myself and
it hurts, but life does.

Without me, Abdou, I think you
easily forgets all and it hurts too,
because I love you.

I’m sorry, Abdou, I cause
you pain and I am sorry you
cause me the same.

But whatever, Abdou, you
will decide to do, it will show
your true colors.

If you, Abdou, leave me
now, and not fights for your love,
it might be the best for me.

And I’ll be fine,
without you, Abdou.



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