I’m stiff and cold getting old

robot 2I’m stiff and cold getting old
Out a winter storm but none
at home to keep me warm

except for my cute purring cat
in my lap; she’s only for the lonely
topped by a random internet chat

I try to accept I’m out of date:
and even badly overweight –
a spinster with no sex appeal:
but touched by a bad fate
no never luck: imagine how I feel!

I count what I lost and what I won
much the former, little the latter
and I count all I never done –
it seems I never had any fun

Yes, when you become old,
nobody see you or desire you.
Yet you still dream hot and bold,
never touched but sad and blue

Stiff, old and fat – all you get is a cat
youngsters simply laugh in your face:
not even for money, honey….
just be happy be feed ahead!

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