If please me is what pleases you

You told me once that all you want
with me is to please me, and then
I said to you:

”If please me is what pleases you,
I want you to please me, because
I want to please you too.”

You have a smile like Mona Lisa,
like you have a heart of gold, yet
you like to tease me sometimes…

And when I ask you to stop, you get
hit by your bad temper and starts to
argue harsh with me, but please…

… go straight online now and send
me a “like”– as I really need you to
like me; so please: please me today!

Yes, if please me really is what
pleases you, please do – because
when you scares me, I feel sad.

As all I want is to please you too
and if I can’t, I simply don’t want
to have you in my life – please!

Mona_Lisa,_by_höger ansiktshalva

Mona Lisa, vänster ansiktshalva



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