Life throbs in us and we must respond to it





Two souls in two room in darkness far
apart in universe – they had never met
and yet so close, like one heart and soul.
Around them endless cosmos, making
their individual lives look so small and
quickly passing, like fleeting flame from
a match –

and how in such perspective get a sense
of purpose with your human life? Only
by be mirrored by the other -we expand
together! People need people. It’s basic.

None of them wants to make the move
to turn on the light – and break the spell.
As if they were in the same room. Or – as
if this was for real. (But what is “real”?)
They said goodnight so polite – and
parted. (And it will be as if it never had
occurred.) (This rare closeness between
two strangers.)

(Those short moments fully life)

(And they added a “take care” – it was
so very far from expressing their true
feelings, but they must settle with that…)

Too much can be said in the dark between
two strangers coming close, as words weights
less than a feather in outer space –

(as long you not take the step out in the light
and make your words come real – and you
don’t do that!)

Nevertheless – a chord was struck and its
tune vibrates in the other’s soul hours after
the talk. Such small means as a random
chat and a little humble love in two hearts
make hard times possible to survive….

(But walk with tenderness in the other’s
fragile heart!) (We’re all fragile in heart,
whatever we claim.)

(A butterfly’s wing strokes in Amazonas
can causea winter storm in Scandinavia,

(To keep a soft heart and remain vulnerable,
will with aging become an act of will and firm
determination –an acquired talent.) I have
that strive. (And I certainly have that talent!)

It’s January now, a new year and slowly
the light returns to Scandinavia, a few
minutes every day – but the impact on
people’s minds is tremendous.

And the bright snow outside my windows
dazzles my eyes. Yes, time goes by and
“none of us gets any younger” – yet life
throbs in me and it throbs 
in you! Can
you feel it in you now, 
can you hear it?

The beat! Life throbs in us
and we must respond to it!

photo by vonnely

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