This day, whenever I come to think of you

This day, whenever I come to think of you
it just ends with I start to weep. My mother
used to say “no point cry over spilled milk”,
but she too often said one thing – and then
did another behind the door. You said to
me “Keep that smile always”. And then you
scorned me until it vanished. When I told
you to stop, you said “if you don’t like my
standards, you can walk alone”.  I’m proud
over myself, getting the strength to finally
block you. But why do I cry over a heartless
friend not able to show tenderness? I don’t
know, but I know my image of people being
the good for each other is everlasting. Now
the dream sleep safe and hidden from you.
My love for you may not be forever, but how
come you did not understand how much I
liked you?And I still do. Even if you are not
worth it. This day I weep whenever I think
of you. It’s so pathetic, friendship spilled.





A comment  later from 2017/2018: This poem was written before I knew what a “net troll”  was. Those I came to meet was people on a pen pal site there I was a member. For a time (most during 2014 and 2015) I met people who seemed very nice when they contacted me, to later on became shockingly unfriendly and nasty.  It took some time before I understood this behavior was for real and intentional (and had nothing to do with me as a person). I have been bullied in real life, yet it was shocking to realise  there are actually people who thinks it’s fun to create friendships online with the only aim to be unkind to others and hurt their feelings.
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