This day, whenever I come to think of you

This day, whenever I come to think of you
it just ends with I start to weep. My mother
used to say “no use crying over spilled milk”,
but she too often said one thing – and then
did another behind the door. You said to
me “Keep that smile always”. And then you
scorned me until it vanished. When I told
you to stop, you said “if you don’t like my
standards, you can walk alone”.  I’m proud
over myself having strength to finally show
you the door. But why cry over a heartless
friend not able to show tenderness? I don’t
know, but I know my dream of love and of
people being good to each other is eternal.
This dream now sleep safe and hidden. My
love for you may not last forever, but how
come you didn’t understand how much I
liked you? I still do. Even if you’re not worth
it. And this day I weep when I think of you.
It’s so pathetic, friendship spilled.





My comment 18 January 2017 This poem was written long before I knew what “trolling” on the internet is, and long before my idealistic mind understood this behavior was for real – there’s people think it’s fun to create friendships on line with the aim of being unkind to others.
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