http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2279835/Romance-railways-Photographs-tender-farewell-kisses-soldiers-leaving-sweethearts-fight-WWII.html Translation of the two Swedish lines in the text below: ”Ändå bär båda samma smärta bortom språkets gränser” = Yet both carry the same pain beyond the limits of language. “Min käraste vän!” = My dearest friend!





There’s a lot of linguistic confusion between two.
And certainly lots of attraction – that’s why they
came together in the first place. But very little
of tenderness as it never got the chance to grow.
So now they both starts to struggle with feelings
of being hurt and a tendency to blame the other.

Ändå bär båda samma smärta bortom språkets
gränser. Only loving hands would know and heal.

Oh, so be silent then!
Min käraste vän!

(Hush your opinions!)
(Kick your ego out of the house!)

(Where is your hand, when words missing?)

Oh, my heart is a bunker: hard and rough
and lonely!

10 korr

Photograph Jonathan Andrew, Bunkers WW II (cropped)
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