long lasting pain

(This poem is about a temporary state of mind caused by long lasting chronic
physical pain. I think those suffering mental illness knows the difference.)
wilted rose






such a sad day sun is gone the sky bleach grey and
rain falls in thin dense penetrating sprinkles which
would wet and chill you to the bones
if you were out there
my faith has floated away with the rain pain all over
and I’m sad as if I had been drinking water from
the source of despair and I weep hopelessly
while I struggle my demons and even
if I have no reason for distrust
I can’t believe in anything

and the rain keeps falling while my day walk its way
in the alleys beneath dry and empty hell while joy
and good thoughts and happiness walks grand
out my door to Verdi’s Triumphal March and
leave me like a rag

my talent to be unhappy is really so outstanding well
developed I should get a diploma for it but I fear
I will not get anything in the end except days
like this no sun but bleach grey sky and
rain and long lasting pain

(while I slow limp on with my sore foot
hundred of miles after all others)




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