Mr Putin, can you kiss a woman?

Whenever I see Mr Putin on the TV screen
and see him shake hands and brag about
his balls wanting to control the world,
I always wonder…

Can this man kiss a woman?
And give her joy?

Does he ever?

How is he doing it?

Yes, truly – how is Mr Putin in bed?

Can he fuck a woman happy?

Or is it always about him? And him, having a ball,
shaking his balls, rules everything around him…

So I cry for him now to come to me and show me
his moves:

Oh Vladimir, my hot stinging wasp, come and
take your pants off and show me your thing!
Yes, come and wake me up, shake me up…

Yes, you Vladimir! Come here and take me until
dawn, rock my world! Mr KGB-man, I tell you this,
you truly should choose what to get horny at…
My ass!

…and let the Ukrainians be, yes – just let it go, man….
Can’t you see Ukraine mourn itself in fear off you?!

Or, it makes you horny? Well, I’ll milk you out of it!

What is a man, Mr President? Tell me, do you think it’s
to have balls to make people unhappy? I think, Vladimir,
a man is a guy having a desire to make people happy.

So, I ask you again Vladimir Putin, can you kiss a woman?
And do you? Ever? Your power, Vladimir… Truly…!
Are you still human? Flesh and blood? Kiss me then!

Oh Vladimir, I want so much to tie you up in my bed and
shake you to give it all to me. Leave the world in peace!

You like talking about having balls, yeah, yeah, and laugh
nasty with the “boys”. But again I ask you: what is a man,
Mr Putin?

You Vladimir, make children and women cry and flee in fear
of you! You are not a man, truly! You are just scary disgrace.

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