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The white rose

What moves me, grows in me – you touched me with your words, and I believed you like a young maiden. Now the memory of you stings me like a thorn.

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Black pearls

      Black pearls in my palm shimmers heavenly divine, although they all comes from simple clams among gravel and sand in depth of seas and rivers. They were once created of an annoyance, which was sealed and embedded … Continue reading

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Like a potsherd

      Your kindness brought me home again. But was it love? You picked me up and throw me back, as I was nothing but a potsherd to find and leave behind. But I had a crush on you, … Continue reading

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Male fantasies and fairies in ancient woods

 First posted 24 September, 2012. Now slightly improved. I (Mistress of the wood “skogsrået”) They were men who came from vast plains, desolate deserts, and endless seas. Their eyes measured distances. But they didn’t know themselves. And the woodlands affected … Continue reading

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Smiling face, sad heart

Enchanted by his sweet words she gave her heart so easily away, only to see him withdraw and become distant to her. Now she see herself standing empty handed and him fade away, and she feels humiliated and denied like … Continue reading

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…and she loved him so much…

(The following  story was first published 1 October 2012, it was rewritten 2013. Now I’ve rewritten it again and change the title) He left her. She didn’t die. As she had feared she would do. Time just moved on and … Continue reading

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