We walk on the edge of despair

We walk on the edge of despair,
unhappy as hell, and you tell me
there are times, there are times!
And I say – yes, I know about it…

We’re simply two pity petals who fell
of the set tables there the lovely roses
thrives. And we feel so redundant and
unwanted, never invited to the party,
like nobody in world loves us.

I don’t love you and the one I love
don’t love me. All we have is some
compassion, to be the other’s lifebuoy.
It won’t make us happy, it’s a low life.
Well, that’s what we so wrongly think.

Yet, I’ve never understood these lukewarm.
people. Friendship and love for them seems
to be just tools for their own gain. But what
is the gain? If it is not love?

They hurt us all the time, don’t they? Yes..



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One Response to We walk on the edge of despair

  1. alla says:

    Jag tycker om din poetry ,tack så mycket!

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