Love should be easy to carry

I’ve lost the desire to reach out for you.
Maybe life now will tear us apart and we
will let it happen. And maybe future will
reveal us lost in gilded memories of a
past that never occurred and us still in
denial of the ongoing.

A part of you became a part me – and
I believe in heart it will stay that way. But
I’ve surely felt like that before. And I can’t
remain blind and not see this “us” limps.

You deny it, but it’s true. You are heavy
to have. Love should be easy to carry.

I still feel your presence in my rooms and
in my soul and you’re still my hero in my
daydreams. But you begin to fade away.

I’ll now leave it to you, but from what I’ve
seen from you, there’s not much hope for
us. I guess I still will have some more sad
moments, but for the most I’m calm now,
resting in a “Que sera, sera” state of mind.

I can’t deny what is true. You are heavy
to have. And love should be easy to carry.

I wonder: If I’ll stay open to world now and
not close my heart for whatever will come –
will life then finally reward me with what I
deserve: true love, full score? A love that
makes life easy to carry?

A_Dreamy_World_37th_by_grafixeye b

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