To see Naples and not die


(Inspired by a true story and the saying “See Naples and die”)

He is not that young anymore, far over 30 but looks like 22, fine-boned and with a cute face that gets men – but not women – on the street to approach him; to his great horror. He is a stranger in Italy where he lives. But he didn’t flee from something like so many who comes to Europe. But some years ago he was like a young man in a fairy tale going abroad to search for his fortune. He ended up in Naples, leaving a good office job and family behind in an Asian country – for milk and honey in West. And he lost it all – his birth right treasure and his princess. Divorced and with no home, he ends up sharing an apartment with some other foreign guys, surviving on small jobs as caregiver for old-timers. Old men who needed assistance with everyday tasks searched his boyish charm and wanted to show him their gratitude and love with hugs and kisses. Soon their old hands wandered forbidden paths, and when he couldn’t take it anymore, he fled and fled again. And he’s always on a new job… When I met him, he complained over oldies homosexuality and instantly I thought he had prejudices against gay people. He said: you don’t understand – and then he told me his story. And he complained to me: I’ve lost my way, I’m the world’s biggest fool only making bad decisions. I came to Naples and sometimes I just want to die, what will become of me, I’m confused and I don’t know what to do, sometimes I think I need counselling … I wanted to say: young man, don’t you understand you’ve been molested, and that’s why you feel like you do? But he’s really not that young anymore. And I said nothing, but became his friend.  And now I’m fear he might want to make me a star able to save him from himself.  But whatever will be, will be. “Che sarà sarà…”

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