At least you love me

White rose in front of white background
At least you are also suffering.
At least our true problem is about
what’s around us in world and not
what’s between us – but we share
the same yearning and frustration.

All we want is to come together,
but this tricky world seems to be run
by the devil himself to create hell on
earth and prevent people from being
happy and gay.

I have my moments of despair
when every inch of my body is in pain
and I wavers in my faith in you. But
when I think of break up with you,
I simply get a breakdown.

I can’t deny my feelings for you.
It’s the same for me now as when we
first got to know each other – whenever
(every day) I look at your photo, I’m hit
by this compelling urge to kiss you.

This life I have without you makes me
so grumpy and low. I just want to get
out of this daily dreary gloom. But it
comforts me you miss me as much as
I miss you – at least you love me.

And that’s what I want to believe in
all the time. But you make it hard for
me, and you don’t want to understand
you do it. That might be a gap wider
than the gulf between our continents.




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