The lilacs will soon bloom








I saw at my yard the lilacs flower buds are
ready to burst and bloom again, and this
got me to think I sooner or later have to
close this thing with you; having a trust that
beyond next door there is a space and a life,
and that there are more men in world than
you. The little birds are so lively singing in
early nights this chilly spring. I believed you
to be a bird in my hand singing only for me
and with love, but maybe you all the time
were a bird hiding in the bushes singing
with forked tongue. I guess time will fade
the memory of my love for you, as well as
the pain I’ve felt for your disconnections.
With time I might even think about you
with forgiveness the few moments I will
remember you – a man who said he wanted
to be a part of my life. You never were.
Yesterday I walked out in the humid and
fragrant night to call you and once more
my dialling was terminated. But I wasn’t
that much sad when I walked back home
again, as there is an end for everything.
And you should have known – if you rip of
twigs with lilacs, its flowers fades too quick
and all beauty and fragrance will evaporate.


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