My young knight gets a rival





I told my knight another man has asked me
to meet him. Confident he wrote me back:

“Honey, that stupid guy is only trying to steal
your love away from me. But I still put my trust
in you for you have always been there for me.
That is why nothing can stop my love for you
no matter the roughness of our path –

It shall be well!  You know…
I can’t afford to lose you either for you are
the apple of my eye and the sugarin my tea.


I am perhaps the sugar in his tea, but his
unfulfilled vows spice my tea with lemons!
He’s gone, but what I lost was never mine.
But why this grief for what I never owned?

My two suitors go to church on Sundays, on
a Monday they twist around a woman’s head
and see no problem with jeopardize her soul.
But I think – that will get them tickets to hell!

I say with pain in my heart and tears in eyes:
“I will never let a man make me cry again!”
But nevertheless – I love my young knight
so dearly! And he’s right about me, even if
the rest is only pipe dreams.

John Bauer, Prince without shadow

John Bauer, Prince without shadow

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