Sunday mail

Elena Fortescue-Brickdale Elena Fortescue-Brickdale, Portrait of Winifred Roberts (1913)

Elena Fortescue-Brickdale
Elena Fortescue-Brickdale, Portrait of Winifred Roberts (1913)










My lady read again one mail of two, those
she tries to answer. Utterly bored she sighs
and thinks “how on earth can people expect
to get answers to such bland words? And she
goes to the kitchen to cook her dinner. After
dinner, back at her laptop she resolute write
“I’ve just had my Sunday dinner and now I’m
ready for a nice little nap. It’s a sunny day, so
after I want to take a walk. And tonight there
is an English crime series on TV. Well – and
tomorrow it’s Monday and a new week again!
I wish you the best, take care … “. Still gloomy
she sighs again: a wordless prayer in empty
rooms, an eager wish for love and excitement!
She’s ready for her afternoon nap. But first she
rewards herself listen to a Youtube video, it’s a
young and hot Bruce Willis singing “Under
the Boardwalk”. And humming “that’s where
I will be” and soon in sweet dreams embraced,
my lady flees the scene, the one called IRL.

White rose in front of white backgroundWhite rose in front of white background




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