I am 65 today


I was born April 24 1949.
It was a Sunday, 4.05 pm.
Zodiac signs: Sun in Taurus, Libra rising –
I’m ruled by Venus! And I’m left-handed.

My mom was born in 1914, zodiac sign Virgin.
My dad was a Scorpio, born the year after her.
My dad was skinny, mom was short and plump.
They lacked parenting skills and died not mourned.

I have two sisters, both out of my life. Still living.
I have a son and he will mourn me one day.
I haven’t accomplished much and lacks social skills.
I suffer from fibromyalgia.

I’ve been a loner since my youngest years.
My writing passion came in the early twenties.
I never wanted anything else in this world but
to be a poet – and that’s what I am.

I haven’t received much respect during life.
And still I stumbles over patronizing people.
Appalled they promptly rate my writing, calling
my poems “private” stuff and “private” feelings.

I could inform about my writing process.
(I could also tell them to go to hell.)
But people are inspiration, if not more.
I know by now I am an able writer.

If you want me, you can have me – but that’s all.
I can be loved and liked, forsaken or stalked.
But what has been – I want to leave behind.
I’m 65 today and the road is open.


White rose in front of white backgroundWhite rose in front of white background
Short astrology knowledge
Rising sign (on the horizon at birth time): show persona, first impression,  youth personality
Sun sign: true inner character, the mature personality
Taurus: earth sign – ruling planet is Venus; Keywords: Property and stability; materialistic, reliable, practical, predictable, possessive, sensual, musical…
Libra: air sign – ruling planet is Venus. Keyword: Justice, art and beauty; idealistic, diplomatic, superficial, indecisive, romantic, vain…
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2 Responses to I am 65 today

  1. yasb says:

    …thanks for liking it…

  2. ubecute says:

    Poetry is best when it is heart-felt and personal. So not sure what they complain for? I loved this true, heart felt and honest poem. Thanks for sharing.

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