You are a stalker!

It’s not important what you think of me. It’s not important what I think of you. But you are really a pathetic piece of shit! You have a disease that soon will choke you dead, and you choose to spend your last days on resentment – because I didn’t want to be your friend anymore and called you a racist! How can one singel man – a black man, provoke people to such outbursts like yours, never ending… (…talking about “blacks” and “Africans” “all lazy”, and say things like “the apartheid system was not all bad, as the farms was better handled under the whites…” and “we white’s in Europe got our welfare because we have worked hard for it….” Yes, you came far with me with that crap – becuase you are so bloody sick and miserable and I didn’t want to upset you. I asked you kindly to hold up, but then you insulted me saying I could not be attractive to a younger man  – then I really got enough of you. You said upset when I ended our friendship, you had only been my friend and defended me against my abusive boyfriend. So disagreements with a black boyfriend is caused by his complexion and it all means he’s abusing me? Lady… !) If I want to date a young black man – is it really any of your business? Are you angry because you’re dying and I’m not? Well, I’m sorry about that – but it didn’t allowed you to be such an asshole. You said I was a fool, believing in this man but who’s the fool  now? Just look what you’re doing to yourself: You’re a stalker! For heaven’s sake! Come on!! (What will you do dead, go spooking?) (Meanwhile – feel free to visit my blog as much as you like, it’s just good for my statistics. And thank you  – for every day you show me, how not to spend your last days in life.)

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