Mad at my hero I try to write sonnets to keep my wrath on a leash

He lives thousands of kilometers away.
And waiting for him she writes every day
lamenting poems of love and mourning;
She keeps on writing until early morning.

And days and weeks, a year and more is lost.
He wants his lady love to whatever cost
and plans to fight dragon law one more time.
So he sets off on this mission, so sublime.

But very next day he must bite the dust,
he lacks the admission fee the dragons demand –
the fool expects to win by barefoot thrust.

Their pining love won’t change a dragon command
The hero retreats puzzled with shaken trust.
She’ll age while her writing skill will expand.

She’s patient like an angel, a persistent hero,
but all this waste of time and love in vain –
yes, all these killing zero days without her hero:
to ink transforms the blood in milady’s veins!

A woman as muse transforms to angel or devil.
She breeds male’s elevated ethereal poetry.
My muse, the shepherd boy, he’s a stubborn devil –
my poems bleeds like time in month; no glory!

To be in love is puzzling – first shining stars
and divine boon, then love becomes a concern.
Delight for gods in heaven but humans get scars!

And getting tired of senseless struggles she turn
and frees his leash and kick him back to Mars.
Then tears and sleepless nights and back to yearn!

He’s done it once again – eluded her trust,
and angry, hurt and sad she sharpens her pen
to face him with he blew the chance for them
and made her expectations crumble to dust:

“I’m aging quick, my time is passing by,
is this what life will give me – loneliness
and love forsaken, no chance for happiness?
I plead and grieve and cry to God in sky:

A courtly love may please the poetry reader.
In life your affections demands satisfaction.
I need between my thighs a devoted seeder.”

He wanted to be a knight she could admire,
but dreams can’t calm her starving body’s obsession.
Her single days bleach the colour of love and desire.


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