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I am 65 today

I was born April 24 1949. It was a Sunday, 4.05 pm. Zodiac signs: Sun in Taurus, Libra rising – I’m ruled by Venus! And I’m left-handed. My mom was born in 1914, zodiac sign Virgin. My dad was a … Läs mer

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Balloons in sky

            See how balloons fly in sky! Like my hope, so light and high on cloudy sky! Stuck with feet in clay, I thought my hope was lost. But that is where it is! So … Läs mer

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Mad at my hero I try to write sonnets to keep my wrath on a leash

I He lives thousands of kilometers away. And waiting for him she writes every day lamenting poems of love and mourning; She keeps on writing until early morning. And days and weeks, a year and more is lost. He wants … Läs mer

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Finns jag? / Am I?

  Finns jag i ditt hjärta? Finns jag i dina drömmar? Finns jag där du är? Vaknar du med famnen tom? Jag möter mina mornar och vet inte något om någonting. Am I in your heart? Am I in your … Läs mer

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April’s fool

I know – April fool’s! And I’m a fool in love too – my bright feathers glow!      

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