I’m painting

“So what is it then? Is it
a story or is it a poem?”
Well, you tell me, lad…
I just became tired and bleak,
and I feel like a fool. Like
I never should have said all
my hello and never offer my
words like cookies on a plate,
with soiled tears in big cups,
and certainly not have put
my heart on the sleeve for
any Tom, Dick and Harry!
I’m painting, dear!
Using universal colours.
Red for blood and love,
the joy and pain of heart.
Green for youth and hope.
Blue for all sadness and
dreams and desires, grey
for those dull moments you
only want to pass away and
the silver lines to count and
share. Yellow is of course for
secret hopes, and all sunny
days and smiles. White is for
all I don’t know and all I fear;
my naive faith as well as all
that I hardly can bear
But who would care?
Not you, dear – You only
got me in a bad mood, and
I wished I could say bye
and please take your seat
on a square train to
your own rat race.

“Painting is a mode of creative expression, and the forms are numerous.” (Wikipedia)



Mona Lisa, vänster ansiktshalvaMona_Lisa,_by_höger ansiktshalvaem-low114971.jpgem-low114971.jpgem-low114971.jpg









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