Swindlers and poor people’s pride and equality

Beggars are beggars where ever they are appears, create a blog and call it fundraising, well what do you know! Then get busy motivate it all with telling about a bad childhood, poverty and having a disease as fibromyalgia, to persuade people to give money. Well, that’s what makes me upset today. Because my childhood was bad, but I don’t beg, I’m poor but I don’t beg and I have fibromylgia, but I don’t beg. I’m no beggar. I tumbled over this beggar blog by surprise and what makes me so upset is this beggar  lives in England, and  she  exploits a sickness I’m very familiar with for some decades. And she actually exploit people in poverty too, as poverty is no reason for begging, but really can give you a match to maintain self-esteem and create a dignified life. What further more upset me is I tumble over this by another blogger who I recent found and I really enjoyed reading.  But now when reading her last entry I was transported to this blog and beggar business – and then the nice lady asked me to contribute!  I deleted the nice lady blog from my list of “follow” blogs – that was what I did! I’m all occupied managing my own life, making it reasonably functioning. I.e. make the money last for a month and deal with daily health concerns. And dealing with living substantial isolated in society too, because of my life situation: “God bless” internet for all us living aside, really! But I have never lost my pride and self-esteem so I would beg others to live for me. People in Great Britain (where this scammer lives) (or Scandinavia there I live)  don’t have to beg. Getting a blog and call it fund raising, that’s swindle – frankly! And why do people let themselves to be fooled by this kind of internet scam? If you really want to help people in need, search on the web for a local association for volunteers to join, those kind who provides with shelters, soup kitchen, visiting and practical support and help going to mall or doctor, etcetera. Give people of your time, your strength and your compassion, if that is important for you. But don’t sedate your conscience and consciousness by feed scammers with your money. And if you are the one in need, get support by your welfare system, or search for charity providers, it’s no shame in that. But don’t sell your soul or/and body. Poor and sick don’t need charity but be treated equal and fair and with respect by others having a better social standards.

(Well, today I really got my mojo working, didn’t I… 🙂 )

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