Love has no limits

Love has no limits, only people have. Humans may have an orientation, but love has not. You can never ever control love. Love exceeds gender and race and generations and cultures and languages and nations or any obstacles that may be. People can hurt you and call you names, but only you can define who you are. Your only law, no matter who you are, is to stay pure in heart and follow what truly you are. If any harms you, bully you, not respect you but imprisons you, because of your desires in love, saying you are bad and you are wrong – the person telling you this is simply the bad one doing what is wrong. It affects you, but it’s not about you.  It’s simply repression.  You might be deprived of your rights, it doesn’t mean you are liberated from liability. You are no hero just an ordinary person, still you are the hope for those who are coming after you. You can have your moments of crying and despair, as everybody has, but you know in heart the world is bigger than what your oppressors limited and narrowed sight tells. Your heart is free and can fly like a bird. There are people on other shores who see you and loves you and respects you. They stretch their arms towards you calling you by name, Jacqueline, Jean-Claude, Eric, Binyavanga and all you others… True lovers of earth heart, no matter who they are, where they are, are gathered in mighty choirs:  Their voices sounds like silver bells over the oceans. ”Love has no limits, love has no limits, love has no limits…“ Can you hear the song, all those voices singing? Yes, there is certainly other voices too, closer to you, outside your house and on the same streets as you walk. They demonstrate for Africa, they say, to have the right to discriminate and jail people. They ask for support for the people, but put the money in their own pockets and then tell sympathizers  around the world to “piss of”. As they say “In Africa we don’t do things like that and you in Sweden or US can’t tell us and repress us from not curb it, it’s our culture and we define what is right in it, not you.” But actually we can and shall, as oppression is the same everywhere. No society or groups in a society can call it freedom and independence to repress and brutalize individuals in their own country.  If you do – people living near and far will  get upset over your lack of Christian love and mercy. Over the oceans this is said:  Love has no limits and no distances. Love liberates people, not enslaves them. Other times will come to Africa.

a_hand_writing1White rose in front of white background





Photos below:

1.Ugandas president Yoweri Museven
signing an anti-gay law on 24 Februar 2014 that can give life in prison

Kenyansk writer and gay activist

3. Jacqueline Nabagesera gay activist Uganda

4.Eric Ohena Lembembe,
gay activist in Cameroon
brutally murded in his home

5.Roger Jean-Claude Mbede, Cameroon, was imprisoned April 2011  for writing a love-sms to a man that said “I love you very much,” In prison, Roger Jean-Claude Mbede became ill and because of the disease on parole in July 2012. Mbedes family moved him from the hospital, where he was nursed. His family said he was a curse, and that we would let him die, said his friend and LGBT activist Lambert Lamba the news agency AP. Mbede died because he did not get the care he needed.


Ugandas president undertecknar anti gay lag
















Eric Ohena Lembembe Gay activist Camerun









camerun gay man dead

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