Vegan girl in red leather jacket

röd ros kor





So tell me you, Joan the rocker,
what should a vegan girl do, when
she meets her rice-and-chicken man?
He says he wants to kiss her, and
squeeze her, and rock her all night
long. So tell me, you Joan, what
should a broccoli girl do when she
meet a rice-and-chicken man rocking
her world. For all what she knows,
chicken is only what he eats,
but chicken – he’s not, and
it really scares her a lot. Oh Joan,
hot red rocker in leather, do you
really think lovers can stay together
in any weather? Oh Joan, Joan Jett,
my faith  is weak and my body
is cold and wet. Oh Joan,
you half-hearted vegan girl,
who defies all weather
dressed in red leather,
you’re hot, but I rather not.
But who can defies the beat
from a red hot loving heart,
by telling a man what to eat?
And who would tell a hot chick
what to wear? I wouldn’t.
But I would like to know
how it will go with
my rice-and-chicken man? Will
we rock the world and come through?
Oh Joan, you vegan girl in red leather
who defy all weather,
can we do it?
Oh say…

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joan jett 2013Joan Jett
“Any weather”


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