Why bother…

ensam man på tågräls







Why do you bother what people think or say – so I’ve been told over the years. It’s still the same, but nowadays I don’t bother so much about it. I guess you who say such things to push away what’s around and people afterwards goes around with rumbling bowels, as well as I do because of whatever is – no matter what we “think” about it or not in our heads.  But now, listen how those roosters crows… Humans need others to get confirmation and no one would deny that but you, so you like to tell me too, when I don’t stay in your cage and course – in same breath you deny me as well as yourself. Why, fellow creature, do you burp such crap?  Still humans are the only animals having a relation to themselves equal to what they have to others, making them reflect upon world as well as assimilate it.  I get my guts tormented by life and by you being untrue and divided in what you say and do, as I am a living among the living in this imperfect world.  It gets me caught in the thicket time to time, but it never prevents me from getting back on the track again to follow my own star. You just don’t like to see me do it, as it makes you feel small and left over. Captured in my earthly shape my skin is soft and vulnerable, but I have two hands so I can hold myself by the hand if and when needed…  That’s what age has given me, but still I’m stubborn the same  – and it’s not much a wise guy  like you can do about it. So why bother..? Oh, you just want me to shut up? Okay, the world is big, and anyone can has his corner.


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