All there is

He has it all as far as she knows – a good job, good friends
and a good talent to get friends, a good family and a good
upbringing. He lives in a good surrounding society and he
participates in everything that’s goes on around him – all
between celebration of births to funerals.He goes to bars
on Saturdays and to church on Sundays, he watch football
on TV and talks to people passing by, and then on Mondays
he’s back at his regular work again. So she said to him “You
got everything and I have nothing. So what do you need me
for?” “Yes”, he said, “you are right, I have all what you say
I have, but I don’t have you, and you are the missing piece
in my life. I will never be happy without you”. “Well then”,
she said. “Is that how it is with you I won’t need nothing but
you”.”Really?” he said. “Really”, she said. “But there will
be no loss for me but gain. You might lose all what you have
now”. “I really don’t care”, he said. “Really?” she asked him.
“Really”, he said. “Well, she said,” then this is all there is.”

a_hand_writing1White rose in front of white background


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