Two poems around New Year



(1 jan) (New born year)

(New born year) (rewritten 11 jan -17)

It’s the new born year and still early day after the fireworks.
The neighbours still sleeps like dogs, far from world’s
noise. The silence has no weight in January, but I miss you
strongly now. You said you wanted me and it was easy for me
to be romantic and dreamy about you. But when I told you so –
you dissolved in my sight as easy and quickly as a morning dew
in summertime. But today, you are my only New Year’s wish for
the coming year. I think it’s weird though – people say they want
passion in their lives, but when they get a “yes”, they disappear
like a greased lightning. I don’t know what planet you run off to,
but when weekdays are back I hope you will catch up with me.
And if you not – I will attach my phone number in my next poem
and hope for luck…



(the image is the cover of Hem’s third album fr 2006)


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