The trials of the hearts

rewritten 22 January 2018
White rose in front of white backgroundem-low114971.jpg



She get her heart trials and it gives her moments out
in the cold and it darkens her days. If only she could
be allowed to meet him, but maybe she never gets it.

It’s his heart trials, it’s his moment now out in the cold
but he said he will do it again for her, as get her will be
his life’s accomplishment and nothing else can ever be.

It is these two hearts trials and they have their moments
out in the cold, low and lost and driven apart and lonely.
And as long repression, borders and hatred reigns world,
love can’t win.

I’ve had my heart trials and I’ve had my moments out in
the cold, thinking low I would never get to see him – but
can you lose a lover you never had? Yes, indeed I  could!

Everyone will get heart trials during their lifetime – so
just carry your times out in the cold,  but way up a line
for you to never limit any others happiness, but change
the world with your love – prevented or implemented.


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