Heart on trial

White rose in front of white backgroundem-low114971.jpg



She gets her heart on trial, and she has her moments
out in the cold  and they darkens her days. If only she
could be permitted to see him, but she may never will.

It’s his heart on trial, it’s his moment now out in the cold
and he said he’ll I do it again for her, as getting her it’ll be
his life’s accomplishment and nothing else can ever be.

It’s these two hearts on trial, and they have their moments
out in the cold, low and lost and driven apart. And as long
repression, borders and hatred reigns world, love can’t win.

I’ve had my heart on trial, and I had my moments out in
the cold, thinking low I will never get to see him, and how
can one lose a lover you never had, but indeed I  can.

Every single hearts will get on trial in its lifetime, so take on
your moment out in the cold,  and way up a border for you
not to limit others happiness,  but transform world with love.


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