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He who never came home to me

But very soon you became lazy taking me for granted and you left to me to keep us together, and my concerns never vanished  but was reinvented with you and that restless ghost wandering in empty rooms –  it was … Continue reading

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It’s me, it’s nobody

Nobody loves nobody. It’s a nobody song for nobody. It’s a love song for those loved by nobody. It’s a song for me, nobody you really cared about in your deceitful heart, only a nobody you pick up when you … Continue reading

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The trials of the hearts

rewritten 22 January 2018     She get her heart trials and it gives her moments out in the cold and it darkens her days. If only she could be allowed to meet him, but maybe she never gets it. … Continue reading

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Hard winter (Hård vinter)

written in November 2010 translated into English 7 December 2013 Så är den här, den hårda vintern, isen på gatan, mödan i stegen, ryggvärken, tröttheten, den outhärdliga stelheten, ledan och gråten som lever med skyddad identitet på annan ort. ———— … Continue reading

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translation to English of “Rosa novemberljus (på dig tänker jag alltid)”

Pink light in November It begin to darken as early as three in the afternoon. A shimmering pink light rests over the streets and cars and city buses and houses and people when I take the bike to the Supermarket. … Continue reading

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