If there were no obstacles

I asked him:
If there were no obstacles…
…nothing about money or jobs
or pensions or visa, or whatever…
And he said, what do you mean…?
Listen to me, I said…
I’m asking you:
Would you take your bag
and move in with me – today
or tomorrow, to live with me?
If I asked you to?
…yes but, he started to say…
…no “but”, I said, only “yes
or no”…
…imagine it as a possibility,
only for a moment, please…
Would you say yes or
no, if I asked you to share
my home with me…?
And he said….
yes, but I have no visa…
…forget all that, I said again.
Let it only be about yes or no…
Would you want it or not?
Yes, he said, yes, yes, yes…
Of course! That’s all what
I want, to be with you….
I said, then I want you to know
this to next time we’ll talk :
There’s a space for you in my
home, as well as in my heart.
There’s an emptiness in my
rooms, because you’re missing.
…oh God!, he said.. I’m
Then I smiled, as he’s the one
who likes to say to me – I want to
take your breath away…

White rose in front of white background





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