Dull November Sunday

IMG_3883_1 3 nov 13 xxOh, what a dull and grey first Sunday in November! The rain
flows over my window panes as never ending tears. The swan
couple living in the pond nearby seems worried this day, since
it’s now the second time they flies over my house in a short
while. I’m sitting in my living room doing nothing but looking
out through the windows and listening to Norah Jones singing
“Come away with me”, and my thoughts are far away and with
you. I will soon make my Sunday call to you and even if all I
dearly want is to listen to your voice, questions stings in my chest.
Maybe I won’t be able to talk about my worries without go astray,
so maybe I shouldn´t do it? I don’t know… live apart is so hard…
Yes, but still our love has survived and grown, it’s strange but
wonderful. And that has actually convinced us that we in the end
will overcome all obstacles. Even if we silently know fairy tales
not always have a happy end, not even for swans…

IMG_3739_ 1 okt 13


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