The Postcard

It’s not much of private mail with the postman nowadays when you have the most of your social life on internet, it’s mostly advertisements right to the trash…

But today I got a postcard from a relative I quite recently blocked from my email and blog. The reasons are another story, but I do have those, and no doubt my rejection must have been noticed by the affected.

That’s how it is, sometimes you meet one difficult person who finally force you to no other choice but to be harsh and cut off the contact, only to get peace in your mind. It’s never nice to do, but whatever is – I prefer to focus on living in the present and reject lost times and disappointments.

My relative wrote to me she had found an old school mate from my first year in elementary school – as if I would care! It hit me while I read the postcard: the saying “leave the past behind you”.  Yes, but if your “past” doesn’t understand its elapsed state, or to be clear and straight: ignores that is how you feel about it?  What to do with “it” then?

I would say it’s so unfair and sloppy, the assumption that it’s only up to you to move on with your life. Because people, who nowadays are nothing more to you  than your behind, can unexpectedly and rudely surprise you by updating themselves and towering in front of you….. and obscure the view from a bright new and promising day….

Nevertheless, you have to remind yourself they are nothing more than shadows.  And it is with shadows the artist portrays the light in his painting. The darkness shall not be allowed to exploit you, but  it can be brought to use in enlighten you on your path.

25 Feb. -13, (corr. 8 March -13)

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