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He said “Promise me that you shall not mention me on your blog ever”

…  a friend on line said to me while I was my working with this entry “Well, promise me that you shall not mention me on your blog ever” … and I couldn’t resist the temptation to use that striking … Continue reading

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She read celebrity gossip online and recalled a lost love

Written  25 Feb 2012, rewritten 8 – 10 Oct 2012, last rewritten 27 Nov 2013           He left her. She didn’t die. As she had feared at the time she would do. But time went on … Continue reading

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I’m nothing but a potsherd in your hand

Honey! I’m nothing, just a potsherd, once hidden deep in soil for generations, and only by accident dug up and exposed on the ground in front of your feet. I could have remained undiscovered by you, and you could have … Continue reading

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